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In this experiment I made the experience of opening chips glamorous by repackaging the chips in an unusual and over the top package.

The large flowing gold ribbon bow and script font nicely contrasted with the clean lines of the quality black card packaging work to entice the viewer. While inside sit just 3 chips atop a raised platform which serves to make the chips appear more grand. Less chips suggests the few that are there are of high quality.

In this experiment people had to open the chips with a sharp pocket knife blade. People instinctively clenched their fists around the handle of the pocket knife and had more tense arms which immediately made it feel rebellious. 

In having to open the chip bag with a sharp knife people resorted to stabbing and cutting methods. These actions combined with the tool being used created a rebellious experience.

In this experiment I made the experience of opening a packet of chips glamorous by playing with the aural experience. The sound was recorded by the computer and transformed live into a synth sound. This new sound was then played through earphones for the person to experience and prevent a feedback loop. This made it appear to the person opening the chips as though the chip bag made weird synth noises. I have dubbed the computers recording over the video of the person opening the chips to show precisely what the experience was like.

Object based experiment in Python.

While still just experimenting with objects in Python, I started trying out a few things that were a little more relevant to the theme and style I was after.

Experimenting with objects some more in Python.

More experimenting with using objects in Python.

This is one of my first experiments using objects.