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Some screenshots of my final script in action.

This is my final result, I decided to go for a black/red colour theme as this relates more closely to the theme of solar flares and also looks a little better.

The shape of the lines is dependent on the position of the object, and thus it’s form is defined by it’s motion. It is aesthetically pleasing and has an interesting relationship between it’s movement and form.

I think it successfully demonstrates the themes I was going for. Every time the script is run it will produce something slightly different, which also makes it more interesting.

I changed the code to make the after images stay a little longer to see if this would look better. As in the last example the colours are random within a green/blue colour scheme. However, I  think I prefer the after images to only show up briefly, as in the previous example.

I restructured the code to rely less on for loops and instead use instances of objects, this provides me greater control and seemed to speed up the display a little also.

Although not quite what I was going for, I thought it was worth exploring having more of these groups of lines. I’m pretty impressed with how it looks but because there is so many lines it also plays quite slow. As such I am going to keep developing it, going for a look somewhere in between this result and my last result.

I have tried playing with how I can mould this some more, producing this result.

I decided I was happy with this concept, but think I can improve it a little more. I have moulded the form of the lines to make it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing. I think it will look better if I go for more of a solar flare/corona aesthetic than standard magnetic field lines.

Combining what I have learnt with objects and the sine wave bezier lines from exercise 1 that I had hoped to build upon I produced this. It is clearly inspired by magnetism and solar flares while also moving in an interesting way relative to its form. I also like the fact that its form is heavily influenced by its movement.

Object based experiment in Python.

While still just experimenting with objects in Python, I started trying out a few things that were a little more relevant to the theme and style I was after.

Experimenting with objects some more in Python.

More experimenting with using objects in Python.